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When you are trying to find Best synthetic oil lubricant and natural oil lubricant or best oil lubricant manufacturers for engine then you have to calculate oil performance based on different analysis.

Best quality of synthetic oil lubricant and natural oil lubricant depends not only on oil lubricant manufacturers but also their grade which may depends on temperature( low or high temperature lubricating oil), viscosity and few others factors as well.

First you have to understand functions of lubricating oil and which roles lube oil plays for engine. Here listed below some important functions of lube oil:

  • Lube oil reduces wear and tear of components such as pistons, bearings, cylinder liners and value train etc.
  • lubricating oil works for cooling the piston.
  • Engine oil lubricant prevents corrosion caused by acids and moistures.
  • Lube oil reduces boundary friction along with hydrodynamically lubricated components.
  • lubricating oil plays the vital role of cleaning pistons and preventing sludge building on internal surfaces as well.

Now when we are selecting lube oil then we should keep in mind the SAE viscosity class which depends on ambient temperatures mainly. Some classes are less viscus while others are highly viscus. Two common classes are 15W40 and 5W40. In cold countries, we need low viscus lubricant oil like 5W40. And in hot countries we need to use highly viscus lubricating oil like 15W40 as high temperature lubricating oil.

Selection of the viscosity grade is based primarily on the ambient temperature at which the engine

is to be started & then operated. The fact is If all the relevant performance criteria that need are observed the engines can be operated both with single grade and multigrade oils, depending on the application. Standard values for the temperature limits (low and high temperature lubricating oil) in each viscosity grade :

Lube oil viscosity grade

World’s top synthetic oil lubricant and natural oil lubricant manufacturers for engine :

  • Castrol Ltd.
  • Fuchs
  • Shell
  • Total Lubricants
  • Valvoline
  • Mobil 1
  • Pennzoil
  • Addinol
  • Chevron
  • Lotos


And many more reputed synthetic oil lubricant & natural oil lubricant manufacturers.


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