reduce generator set noise

Reduce Generator Set Noise is really important as many high-tech industries that require backup power are often located near to a residential area of city. For both, Occupational Safety and Health Administration & Local Safety sound guidelines must be followed by industrial authorities when selecting a generator sets. The maximum permitted overall noise levels range from 40 to 75 dB(A). But there is no hard and fast rules, each area can have specific requirements that must be met.

Let’s Discuss What is Noise
When an object vibrates in open air, that produce sound. That vibration emits pressure waves into the air that can become painful, uncomfortable or annoying when the amplitude of sound or the pressure wave exceeds the threshold level. The level of sound is defined by the dB scale and there are 2 dB scales:

  • dB(A) – dB(A) is scale is weighted & more accurately reflects what the human ear perceives. In 1972 Occupational Safety and Health Administration adopted the dB(A) as the official sound measurement.
  • dB(L) – Measurement derived at a linear scale. dB(L) scale treats all frequencies as an equal value. In ranges between 1,000 to 4,000 Hz/s the ear is sensitive.

Sound levels that considered to be very loud are from 80 to 100 dB(A). 140 dB(A) reaching the threshold of pain while 100 to 125 dB(A) are uncomfortable.
Process of Measuring Sound
Approximately 23’ from the enclosures at 45°angles, microphones are placed. Octave bands can be tested up to eight. The ear is sensitive to the frequencies of these bands. When determining total noise then the most important information is the sum of the eight tests.

Eight tests are commonly completed at frequencies of eight octave bands. At the property line without the generator set running these tests measure the ambient noise for each octave band. The generator sets are started & also run at full load that tests requied & for each desired octave band repeat the measurements.

Reduce Generator Set Noise

To reduce a generator set noise, there are a few concepts to follow. When designing sound-attenuating enclosures generally Generator set manufactures use these concepts:

  • Acoustic Insulation : This is an insulation on interior panels for sound absorbing.
  • Acoustic Barrier : Fuel pipes, Electrical & any other auxiliary entries must be sealed in enclosures constructed of steel panels.
  • Isolation Mounts : Engine, generator & auxiliary support components are connected using isolation mounts.
  • Exhaust – By meeting state and local requirements, style of muffler installed is significant.
  • Cooling Air Attenuation – In Cooling Air Attenuation, baffles installed into air intake louvers.
  • Enclosure Location – Locate enclosure a far way from property line.

We must reduce Generator Set Noise to make a industrial project a Green Project.


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