safety and warning

Safety and Warning must keep in mind. Before operation & before maintenance of the generator sets please don’t forget to read carefully about this manual. You must make sure a good understanding of this operation manual as well as other documents which attached with the engine (Catalog & Guidelines).

The precondition of normal operation of the generator set is Correct installation and proper time to time maintenance. High quality spare parts shall be used for maintenance and that will ensure good running condition as well as long life expectancy of the Diesel gensets.

The genset should be operated only by the trained staffs who have received proper training on the operation. The repair should be made by the authorized staffs as well. Operatoion & maintenance staffs should be clear about safety and warning & preventive actions as well as operation maintenance procedure.

Generator sets can only be started, after ensuring that it is under safety conditions. You must not start the generator sets when any abnormalities happens and to avoid accidents. When it is clean, maintained or repair the generator sets, don’t forget to shut down the generator set and cut off the connections of negative polar of batteries or you can dismantle battery connecting cable, and place warning label at the relative place so that you can avoid accident.

Exhaust air that discharged from engine is always harmful for people’s health. Those gensets installed at indoors shall discharge the exhaust gas to outside doors. During the runtime of genset, the exhaust pipe & silencer will generate high temperature. That’s why when the generator set is installed, these parts need to be covered with insulation materials & be kept far away from inflammable materials as well.

You have to make sure that good ventilation & organized environment is there for the generator set’s installation room. Never place inflammable materials & explosives (solid or liquid) near the engine room according to the safety and warning. Spark over, Smoking & other fire lighting behaviors are not allowed in the particular area which is close to the battery & fuel that because the mixture of volatilization from fuel & hydrogen generated by battery charging process will cause explosion when it meets sparkle or if it is naked flame.

The genset installation room shall be facilitated with BC & ABC fire extinguisher & operators shall be familiar with the tips and tricks of how to use it. Please do not try to start the generator, when fan protection cover or other protection cover has been detached. And when the generator set has to be started, please confirm that your hand are not in the area where the protection cover is missing or make repair around these areas.

Must keep your long hair,  palm, jewelry, arm and loose clothes far away from belt, belt pulley and other power transmission parts. While working in the geneset installation room, please ware of working clothes, gloves and hats to follow safety and warning.

After the genset being started, Never try to open the cover of radiator before anti‐freeze fully cooled down to normal. So that to avoid steam or hot water burst forth to hurt people. Never swallow or let your skin in contact with the harmful materials such as anti‐freeze,  fuel, lubricating oil & electrolyte. If your skin is spattered with these kinds of liquids, must use plenty of water to rinse. If you stay Long time in high noise level environment, it will cause harm to your hearing. If you have to work around the genset frequently,then it would be better to ware the device Ear plug to protect your ear.

When you are connecting cables with the generator set to output power, the operators must confirm to the specification, condition & standard related to power distribution. Qualified  High quality cable must be used to make power distribution. If the installation of generator set involves welding works, never connect to the ground circuit or makgrounding through genset (or engine) so that you can avoid the big current that generated from welding operation that can hurt the electric appliance, bearing & bearing bush inside of the genset.

Must ensure the safety of generator set & reliable grounding and Always keep in mind that safety first and must work obeying safety and warning.


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