Diesel Generator Set Backup power supply

Diesel generator sets are packaged combination of a generator, a diesel engine & various additional devices like canopy, base, sound attenuation, circuit breakers, control systems, radiator, starting system, water separator, Fuel tank, Fuel Filter and Air filter.  This is packaged combination is called “generating set” and for short it is “genset”.

Genset sizes ranging from 8 to 30 kW those are single phase used in homes, offices and small shops as emergency generator for backup. The larger three phase industrial generators from 30 kW  up to 3,000 kW used for factories , large office complexes etc. A 3,000 kW set can be housed in a 18 m ISO container with fuel tank, power distribution equipment , controls & all other equipments that needed to operate as a stand by power station backup to grid power. Those units that referred to as power modules are generator sets on big triple axle trailers weighing 38,555 kg or even more. Combination of those modules are generally used for small power stations & those may use from one up to 20 units per power section & those sections of power can be combined to involve hundreds of power modules. At those big sizes the power module, engine & generator brought are to site on trailers separately & those are connected together with long cables & a control cable to form a complete synchronized power station. Tailor specific needs a number of options also to including control panels for auto start & mains paralleling, ventilation equipment, fuel supply systems, acoustic canopies for fixed or mobile applications, exhaust systems etc. Sometimes small size diesel generator sets around 200 kW are widely used.  Diesel Generators are used as emergency power & also used as 2nd option that feeds power to utility grids in both during peak periods & the period when there is a shortage power.

We know that ships also often employ diesel generators to provide auxiliary power for fans, lights, winches etc. It is also used for indirectly for main propulsion. To allow more cargo to be carried in ships, the generators can be placed in a convenient position with electric propulsion.

Now a days Industries can’t think of a moment without Diesel generator sets as backup power supply when in short of power.


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